C01 Four-bar Linkage

At Reuleaux Models, we are reviving the practice of building kinematic models for academia, hobbyists, and collectors alike. Our first model is the Model: C01 Four-bar Linkage, a mechanism that demonstrates Reuleaux’s concept of the kinematic chain. “Four links are constrained by four cylindrical joints, and when one link is fixed or grounded, the motion of a second link determines the motion of the third and fourth links,” according to the Cornell University Library.

At Reuleaux Models, we can create any of the models developed by Reuleaux to demonstrate concepts of motion. We can even create newly conceptualized models. Whether you’re an academic, maker, or collector, we’ll be happy to design a piece that will suit your needs.

In addition to the Model: C01 Four-bar Linkage, we have created the C02 Slider Crank, which converts circular motion in machines into alternating motion.

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